About the Journal

Articles for the June 2023 issue of volume 9 no 1 are already using the new template.

Jurnal Rekayasa Infrastruktur is a scientific periodical published by the Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Wiralodra University. Frequency of publication This journal is published in 2 (two) editions per year, namely in JUNE and NOVEMBER. Manuscripts submitted can be in English and Indonesian.

Jurnal Rekayasa lnsfrastruktur publishes scientific papers with the following scope:

  • Structural Engineering,
  • Geotechnical Engineering,
  • Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering,
  • Environmental Engineering,
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • Transportation Engineering, and
  • Construction Management & Construction work health and safety

Jurnal Rekayasa Infrastruktur, there was an error in writing the volume, number, and pages in the journal from 2015-2017, that is, the volume is always written the same, Vol 1, while the number and pages always continue, namely from the year 2015-2017. From 2018 until now, the journal's volume, number, and pages have been adjusted according to regulations.